The Good Side (Editions Bessard , 2020)


Uncertain things
Yoshiyuki Okuyama

The world is full of uncertain things.

All the things that surround me.

The environment.

My life.

My thoughts.

And what lies at the end of my journey.

All uncertain.

Even my photography.

What it captures is filled with unknowns.

Only the faint impression of “moments” is left behind.

As time passes, these memories grow uncertain.

These records of our honeymoon

are also tangible “moments” enclosed in photographs,

slowly dissolving into vague memories.

Where is it that we are going?

I can see the destination, but I don’t yet see the purpose.

I guess that’s fine.
We travel, because we don’t know what lies ahead.
We just need to go somewhere that’s different from here.

Somewhere that’s not now.

Certainty is not to be found anywhere.

That’s why I can only live in the present.

That’s why I take photographs, in hopes that this moment will go on.