BACON ICE CREAM – Taiwan Edition – (Uni-Books , 2021)


Yoshiyuki Okuyama

A ”first time” for everyone can equally only be experienced once.
During these past years, I have continuously been experiencing “first­ times”.

I have come across never before seen landscapes, lights, colours, and accordingly captured all of them.
Furthermore, I have also shared ”first time” encounters with numerous new people.

During these encounters, I always felt intensely uplifted and experienced a certain kind of anxiety, as these mixed feelings would go straight to my mouth, leaving a curious taste and sensation behind.

Ten years have passed since I first had a taste of that feeling of thirst.

My conscience led me to continuously shoot negatives, anything and everything, without a concept in mind.
However, through time, I came to see a common point between the negatives, which is the exhilaration of pressing the shutter for the very ”first time”.

Sadly, my present self cannot retake them in the same manner.
That ”first time” will never happen for a second time, it will just become ”again”.

Hence, I believe that my path as a photographer has just begun.

Although I might one day forget the taste of that “first­ time”, I continue to be struck by this extreme feeling of exhilaration and anxiety every day.