WOLF’S (Wolf’s Head , 2016)


Your Choice Knows Your Right
Yoshiyuki Okuyama

The night I met Mikita for the first time, he slapped my face over 20 times, shouting, “What the hell are you shooting, you fucker!” while he drank like a fish.

Honestly, he frightened me and I wanted to leave immediately. At the same time, I was drawn to him and felt determined to photograph him and his surroundings. We ended spending the whole night together.

For two years since then, I have periodically visited Sendagi to photograph Mikita’s friends, his collections, and his local neighborhood.
In the time I spent in Sendagi, I came to feel very strongly that everything around him exuded his unique aura and passion for the things he selects.

In our daily life, we constantly face choices. What we choose, when we choose it, whom we share it with, and where we’re headed reflect who we are.

I sincerely hope that you will take a look at the unsubtle, daily choices I have made as a result of being drawn in by Mikita’s strange appeal and realizing through him that the self is a product of the circumstances of others.