flowers (PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO, Tokyo , 2020)




Yoshiyuki Okuyama

My grandmother had calm eyes at all times.
She had skinny arms and a hard stoop.
She always used to wear a purple cardigan.

When I am sitting in this room all day long,
I remember those unforgettable moments.

Curiously enough,
I can clearly recall her wrinkles and tone of her voice in these details,
even though I only saw her a few times a year.

In the late afternoon,
the shining light comes into the room, and I feel like I’ve never seen the color of light before.
The sound of the shutter clicks blend into those lights,
and I am listening to dead silence.

What was she thinking about?
How did she feel about those lights in her eyes?

I see the beautiful dust by the window,
I slowly release the shutter with a little nostalgia and a little regret.
The important thing to remember.
Human beings reflect something about yourself,
they can feel the living soul, physically and mentally.
Therefore, we always want someone to listen to our stories.
Maybe the color of light feels too lonely when she is by herself.

This is the conversation with my grandmother
This is the portrait of my life.